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Waidy Water Management System

Employees sitting in front of monitors working with Waidy Water Mangement System

Navigating Waters: Waidy, an innovative solutions for sustainable water management

UX & UI Design
48 months


Acea, Italy's leading utility company, oversees the integrated water service in five regions, serving a population of nine million citizens. Recognizing the critical importance of water availability in the context of the 2030 Agenda, Acea aimed to safeguard and enhance the water resource across the entire water cycle. Our primary goals were to optimize resource usage, minimize leakages, and elevate water quality. 

Waidy user interface showing heatmap of Rome


Three strongly connected teams work in parallel to improve and create new features, releasing valuable updates for their users every. Research and service design are integrated into the process according to methodology and the user feedback is prioritized and integrated into the backlog. The business KPIs are constantly changing, influenced by how the platform is actually used; this guarantees a continuously evolving product close to user needs

Waidy user interface showing location of intervention


In collaboration with Acea, we undertook a comprehensive, end-to-end project using an agile methodology to address the challenges faced in water management. The result was the Waidy Water Management System, a cloud-native application platform designed for predictive maintenance of the water network. The system seamlessly integrates with Acea's existing infrastructure and offers a range of features: 

  1. Data Integration from Application Map: Waidy integrates data from various sources, providing a comprehensive map of the water network. This allows for a real-time understanding of the system's status and potential issues.
  2. IoT Interaction: The system interacts with both proprietary and third-party IoT assets, enabling Acea to monitor and manage the water network with increased efficiency and accuracy. 
  3. Device Tool for Transactional Systems: Waidy incorporates a device tool tailored for transactional systems, facilitating streamlined asset and work order management. This ensures that maintenance and operational processes are executed with precision. 
  4. Fast, Intuitive, Adaptable Interface: The platform boasts a user-friendly interface that is not only fast and intuitive but also adaptable to the evolving needs of water management professionals. This enhances the overall user experience and increases the system's effectiveness. 
  5. Predictive Indications on Water Resources Protection: Leveraging advanced analytics, Waidy provides predictive indications, enabling proactive measures to protect water resources. This foresight helps Acea anticipate and address potential issues before they escalate. 
  6. "What If" Simulations and Analysis: Waidy offers a powerful simulation and analysis feature, allowing users to explore hypothetical scenarios and assess the potential impact on the water network. This capability enhances decision-making by providing insights into various situations. 
Waidy user interface showing location of pipe repair


The Waidy Water Management System has garnered recognition for its innovative approach and tangible impact on water resource management: 

  1. NTT DATA Award 2022: Acknowledged for excellence in technology and innovation. 
  2. NTT CSR Conference "Excellent Practice": Recognized as an exemplary case of corporate social responsibility. 
  3. iF Design Award 2023: Honored for outstanding design, highlighting the user-centric approach of the system. 
  4. Google Cloud Public Customer Success Story: Acknowledged as a success story, showcasing the effectiveness of the Waidy Water Management System in leveraging cloud technology. 

The Waidy Water Management System stands as a testament to Acea's commitment to sustainable water management and has become a benchmark in the industry for its comprehensive, technology-driven solution. 



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2 iF Award 2023 + 1 NTT DATA



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