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Munich Creative Business Week 2024

Japan’s Traditions: A Journey into Preserving Our Environment


Munich Creative Business Week 24 team photo.

As part of the Munich Creative Business Weeks 2024 theme, "How to co-create with nature," our Tangity Munich team hosted an online event on May 15. The event, titled “Japan's traditions: A journey into preserving the environment,” celebrated Japan's sustainable practices.

Our Japanese colleagues from Tangity Tokyo, Ayaka Yamada and Nobutada Takahashi (Taka), led the way by introducing the philosophical concept of "MA". This idea of embracing pauses and nothingness encourages us to create greater value in our thoughts, actions, and designs.

Ayaka and Taka also showcased Tangity Tokyo’s innovative project, C-Turtle, a CO2 emission visualization tool designed with the principles of "MA" in mind. Their presentation demonstrated how this traditional Japanese philosophy can enhance modern design practices by fostering deeper contemplation and more meaningful outcomes.

Together with our online audience and colleagues from NTT DATA and Tangity onsite, we immersed ourselves in Japan's traditions and their thoughtful approaches to environmental conservation. After the presentation, we had an interactive session where participants actively shared their thoughts on the concept of "MA". This exploration and inspirational exchange showed how time-honored practices, combined with modern innovations, can foster a greener future.

Once again, we experienced the enriching power of cultural exchange and knowledge transfer. These interactions are crucial as we strive to continuously improve our design processes, aiming for more innovative, meaningful, and sustainable solutions.

Munich Creative Business Week 24 team photo.
Ayaka Yamada presenting to the audience.
The event's audience collaborating on Miro.
Nobutada Takashi presenting to the audience.
The presentation was followed by an interactive session collaborating on Miro.
Colleagues from Tangity Tokio presenting Japanese sustainable traditions.